Solution-focused brief Therapy

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Solution-focused brief Therapy

SFBT focuses on an individual’s present circumstances and rarely focuses on past issues. Some individuals may already have tools and skills which they use but they often need help with identifying and developing immediate coping skills to create change in the present and future. This is a goal-oriented therapy which helps individuals create a vision for their future.

Definition of solution
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Family systems therapy

Family therapy examines the interactions and structure of the entire family unit. The family works together and learns how to listen and understand each other’s needs and feelings in a neutral, supportive and safe space. The goals normally consist of focusing on developing new methods of problem-solving behaviors, improving listening and communication skills, building trust and boundaries with each other. Family therapy can help with parent-child conflict, adjustment problems among family members, inconsistency parenting skills and or grief and loss

Cognitive behavioral therapy

CBT approach analyzes and corrects the way an individual thinks which directly affects their mood and the way they behave. Therapists work with the client to help identify their thought process with distorted thinking, automatic negative thoughts and irrational perceptions in life. The therapist helps and assists the client with learning and understanding how to correct their negative thought process to view the world more accurately with rational thoughts. This approach helps the client learn how to manage their mental and emotional health while coping with their daily life with others and themselves. 

Psychological Therapy
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Christian therapy

Therapists in Christian therapy help individuals with an array of life challenges such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues and spiritual growth. Therapists use a wide range of spiritual practices, therapeutic techniques, scriptures, prayers, and actionable strategies. During each session, the therapist focuses on the client’s spiritual, mental and emotional well-being for complete healing, wholeness and restoration through Christ Jesus. 

Couples therapy

Couple therapy consists of both spouses willing to work together with a therapist to identify their marital stressors and learn how to express and resolve conflict. Couple therapy can help couples who are having a difficult time communicating and finding solutions for intimacy issues, significant life events, sexual difficulties and emotional distance. The therapist supports the couple to work towards a resolution to improve their marital relationship and promote a lasting trusting bond.

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Never lose your inner child.

Inner-child healing

Therapists use this approach to help clients uncover and release the causes for the childlike aspects of their personality which is called inner-child. The therapist helps the client with identifying triggers and stressors that allows the inner-child to react to challenges and others in unhealthy ways. Many adults who come to therapy and use this approach with a therapist have had some sort of pain and or trauma in their childhood which was never addressed or resolved. Clients may struggle with maintaining healthy relationships, lack of boundaries and trust with others and or battle with self-confidence and self-esteem. 

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