About Me

Merencia N. Dunn,

My name is Merencia Dunn and I received my Master of Social Work degree from Howard University and I have over a decade of professional experience. In my practice, I conduct individual, family and couple’s therapy. Among my areas of expertise, one of my specializations is using inner-child healing work to help women and men identify and uncover pain and or trauma in their childhood which has not been resolved. The inner-child represents the emotionality learned as a child to live in survivor mode as an adult. Unresolved childhood trauma creates severe challenges such as depression, anxiety, suicide and assaults against others and themselves.


The types of inner-child struggles that are addressed in therapy are attachment trauma, lack of boundaries, lack of emotional regulation and lack of maintaining healthy relationships. When women and men have support, awareness and healthy coping tools, they can be in a position to confront past hurt and heal from childhood trauma.

As your therapist, I focus on your spiritual, mental and emotional well-being for complete healing, wholeness and restoration through Jesus Christ. I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Depressed woman having a counseling session

Our Approach

Mimi D Therapy is a private practice located in San Diego, California who specializes in providing individual, family and couples therapy through telehealth. Therapeutic approach is used during therapy sessions which consist of, but are not limited to, family systems therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, Christian therapy and inner- child healing. Faith-based approach is also offered for clients who would like to focus on their psychological and spiritual healing during sessions.

Merencia Dunn uses biblical practices, therapeutic techniques, scriptures and prayer to help clients reach their goal of healing and restoration through Christ Jesus. Here at Mimi D Therapy, we believe that with strength, hope and faith in God, radical transformation is possible.

Mimi D Coaching

Additionally, Mimi D Therapy has an 8-week coaching program geared towards helping clients overcome the challenges of living with anxiety, fear and worry.

  • Clients gain insight about anxiety disorders.
  • Clients create and use actionable strategies for calming their mind, body and soul.
  • Merencia Dunn teaches clients how to identify and manage stress, triggers and racing thoughts.
  • Clients create healthier coping skills and build their own self-care tool box.
  • Each coaching session is a judgement-free space where clients
    explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviors without shame and guilt.

Merencia Dunn has also created two guided anxiety-free workbooks with evidence-based techniques which clients use during and out of virtual sessions. Each guided workbook assists clients with learning how to apply these specific skills and tools into their daily life. The program goal is to allow clients to feel more empowered over their life with purpose, peace and joy.